Scrolls are used to increase the damage of a player. By using enchantment scrolls to add enchantments onto emblems, It will increase the effectiveness of the emblem by a lot. Enchantment scrolls can be obtained from enchantment boxes, or the PlayToken shop. Enchantment boxes can be obtained from discord boxes, or by reborning.

Other types of scrolls include:

  • Enchant Reshuffler - Randomizes the stats with no change to tier or amount of lines.
  • Enchant Augmenter - Adds an enchant line to an item
  • Enchant Enticer - Increases the scroll tier at a '1/(tier x 2)' chance
  • Selective Reshuffler - Reshuffles a selected line without change to it's tier
  • Enchant Extractor - Extracts the enchants of an item to form a new scroll

Enchantment scrolls can also be fused to achieve the next tier of scroll. To do this, hold the scroll you wish to upgrade and left click. It will open up the interface, but instead of putting your emblem in like you usually would, you can put in another enchanting scroll of the same tier, and it will have a 33% chance of fusing.

If the fusion is successful, you will get the book that you left clicked in the beginning, but 1 tier higher.

If the fusion fails, you will get the book that you left clicked in the beginning, but the scroll you put in the interface will be destroyed.