Ranks in CakeCraft work a little differently than other servers. Ranks are obtained by collecting PlayPoints. 1 PlayPoint is earned for every 15 minutes spent moving around in the game. To get PlayPoints, you have to be moving for 15 minutes and be at least 5 blocks away from a piston or a water source. This is to prevent players from getting PlayPoints while being afk.

You can check the amount of PlayPoints you have as well as how close you are to getting the next point by executing the command /pp

The ranks are as follow:

  • Minion (Default)
  • Neutral (10 points)
  • Apprentice (30 points)
  • Decorated (50 points)
  • Honoured (100 points)
  • Revered (160 points)
  • Glorified (230 points)
  • Venerated (300 points)
  • Legendary (440 points)

Each rank gets +1 sethome, which means you can have 1 home at the Default rank, and 9 homes at Legendary.

From honoured and up, you will also gain access to /repair to restore durability to your items.