In CakeCraft, there is a special levelling system that is unrelated to vanilla Minecraft. You gain experience points by dealing damage to mobs, and the experience gained will be equal to the damage dealt.

Every level your basic damage goes up by 1.

There are also experience multipliers. You will automatically get 2x experience on Fridays,Saturdays, and Sundays. You can also get experience buffs by using the 'Buff' skills from Friar class.

The experience formula is: (level)^4 x (reborns +1)

This basically means if I want to get to level 40 from level 1 and I have 4 reborns, I will need (40)^4 x (4+1) exp.

You can check your damage, level, and number of reborns by executing the command /stats in-game.

When you reach the level limit of 127, you have the option of reborning back to level 1 by executing the command/reborn in-game. When you reborn, you will get 5 enchanted boxes. The basic damage bonus you get will not be reset. As such, each reborn effectively gives you 127 basic damage.

Keep in mind that although your damage will increase, it will also become harder for you to reborn due to the experience formula taking into account the number of reborns you have